Are You Seeking More Magic, Meaning, and Connection?

I know the feeling- like a magnetic pull in your chest towards something greater. And there is a reason why!

The world needs you tuned in to your soul, embodied in your power, and turned on by your purpose so that you can share your unique feminine magic with the planet!

What you seek is seeking you...

You've come to the right place!

Hey Love!

I'm Brie Pugh.  I'm a Spiritual Life Coach for womxn who are ready to get tuned in to their soul and turned on by their higher purpose.

Why? Because you're a powerful f*cking being, who is meant to live a magical f*cking life!

The world needs more feminine leaders sharing their voice, stories, gifts, magic, and medicine- there is a reason you are here on this planet right now! Claim it!

I offer online courses, workshops, group and 1:1 coaching to assist you on your path. 

I want you to just imagine for a moment...

What if it were safe for you to trust yourself?

What if you were always being guided?

What if every obstacle you faced was actually a spiritual growth opportunity to help you realize your higher purpose?

What if you came here for more than you've ever allowed yourself to imagine?

What if you were meant to create, teach, inspire, change, heal, lead, and beyond?

It is safe for you to expand your vision, to honor your desires and your healing, and to be the fullest expression of you.

There's a Divine reason you're here: in this lifetime, in this specific time, on this planet.

It's time for you to feel
turned on by your life, by your purpose, by who you are and who you are becoming!

Welcome to the realm of infinite possibilities...

Below, you will find details on all of my available online offerings. Or, click here to learn more about me & how we can work together 1:1
Learn more about working with Brie

The Awakened Entrepreneur Bundle

A 3-program bundle for: soul guidance, stepping into purpose, sharing your message, starting a soul-led biz, & embodying your higher-self


A six-part course to help you to connect with your soul's guidance and align with your higher purpose.

Anchor + Amplify

A four-part program focused on anchoring in your conscious business mindset & amplifying your soul's message online.

Higher Harmony

A two-part workshop intensive created to teach you how to live in the quantum and embody your Higher-Self everyday.

The Energy Elevation Bundle: How To Harness Your Energy + Connect With Your Spirituality

Fundamental teachings on energy, universal laws, and developing more spiritual practices in your life.

The Inner Game: A Mindset Training For The Multi-Hyphenate Entrepreneur

Three trainings to help you lay the groundwork for creating a badass business mindset.

Looking for connection & community?

Come join me in the Rising Phoenix Sisterhood free Facebook community.  A safe and inclusive space for womxn to connect on their journeys of healing, awakening, and purpose work. 
Hell ya- I want in!