What is Anchor + Amplify?

Your soul has a message, and it is time for you to share it!

Anchor + Amplify is a 4-part self-paced course designed to help you to anchor in the key mindset principles of conscious entrepreneurship, while providing the tools and empowerment to amplify your personal brand's message and services, so you can actually create and launch the thing your soul has been begging you to share!

So, Why Does This Matter??

Because bottom line: Mindset will stop you in your tracks, before processes and systems even have a chance.

And you have a gift to give the world, and it's about damn time you share it!

The purpose of Anchor + Amplify is to give you a solid foundation in your mindset and your sense of self as you begin your entrepreneurial journey.

And also give you the foundational steps to launch your first offer in an empowered way and on your own terms!

No amount of webinars or sales funnels are going to fix internal self-worth issues, lack, and fear-based thinking. Your foundation will crumble (please trust me on this).

The intention is to provide you with new shifts, processes, and tools that will help you to:

  • Create confidence, certainty, and belief in yourself and your business.
  • Clear out old limited beliefs around why you can’t succeed.
  • Feel more authentic in your messaging, branding, and connecting with your audience.
  • Create new habits and behaviors that will propel you forward with efficiency.
  • Elevate your energy and your self-worth so that you are open to charging the rates and receiving the cash flow you deserve.
  • Map out all the key pieces of your personal brand and your signature offer.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You're in the birthing stages or just starting out with your personal brand or service-based online business...and woah, it's a lot.

  • You are overwhelmed regularly with the amount of information out there on what you should be doing and it puts you in "analysis paralysis."

  • You feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster half the time and it's difficult to feel consistent with showing up.

  • You know in your soul you have something big to share, but that doesn't take away from your fear of putting yourself out there on the internet, especially on video.

  • You find yourself focused more on what other people in your industry are doing, and it makes you question yourself...are you making the right moves?

  • You’re always on edge about what the future holds and don’t want to fail....are you really cut out for this? What if it doesn't work? 

I promise you - all the overwhelm, the doubt, the comparison....you are not alone!

Why I Created Anchor + Amplify

My life purpose is to help more women own their power and find their magic so they can rise up as leaders.

I believe we all came here with something to contribute- your soul has a message to share!

But it's up to us to trust ourselves, follow our soul's guidance, and step into the arena.

Doing so takes courage, commitment, and major resilience.  Believe me, I know!!!!
I'll be honest with you - 

When I first started, I was scared and felt very small, stuck, and overwhelmed.

I was so focused on figuring out the right strategies and learning the right tools that I made some pretty big investments out of fear that didn’t serve me well, and left me feeling even more confused and frustrated!

  • What I needed, was to focus on what my soul was telling me.
  • What I needed was support in shifting my beliefs and working past fears.
  • What I needed, was confidence and trust in myself.
  • What I needed, was emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance from someone who knew exactly what I was feeling.

In my heart, I know that I experience it all, so that I can grow and teach on it all.  And I’ve def experienced it ALL since I’ve launched my business:

  • Been terrified to post pics, go live, actually coach
  • Felt major imposter syndrome 
  • Had ZERO people enroll in a program
  • Changed my direction and coaching offers 3+ times
  • Received more no’s than yes’s

Despite all of that, I have:

  • Helped dozens of people to gain clarity, get over their BS, and take action to make big changes in their lives.
  • Worked with clients 1:1 who have blown me away with how they’ve transformed.
  • Ran a group program before I was comfortable on camera.
  • Created an online course in the easiest way.
  • Spoken on podcasts and at events, written articles, and led workshops

I’ve had clients who have:

  • Gotten clear on wants and values only to land multi-million dollar biz deals within a few months.
  • FINALLY pushed through their fear and the cost of inaction, and launched their coaching business, only to be fully booked out and HAVE to quit full time job within weeks!
  • Released emotional blocks and stories and grown even more confident in who they are and what they are here to give- even leading to landing a creative role on the campaign of a new 2020 presidential campaign (I’ll let you guess who)


You have within you the power to create your own reality.

You have a gift to share, and there are so many people out there who need exactly what YOU have to give.

They may have heard it or experienced it or seen it a hundred times from someone else, but when they experience it with you, it will be so powerful and unique, because it’s coming from you!!! 
What you have to share is your unique magic.

The 6-figure and 7-figure earning version of you already exists within.  Your million dollar idea is waiting for you to recognize it.

You are bigger than that little voice in your head telling you you’re not enough.

It’s time to get out of your head and go
all in on your purpose work. No more holding back!

You are ready. 

Who Is This For / Not For?!

FOR: Anyone who is in the birthing stages or the very beginning years of an online business- coaches, consultants, creatives, anyone with a personal brand or service-based business.

NOT FOR: This program is not for anyone who is close-minded or doesn’t believe in doing the inner work. 

Program Overview:


Overcoming fear, doubts, and overwhelm so you can create and launch your offers/products with excitement and presence.


Removing your mask and embracing your inner badass so you can confidently show up online, give consistent value, and make deeper authentic connections.


Creating a vision and embodying your future-self so you become the expert you’re meant to be, facilitate powerful client transformations, and scale your business with intentionality.


Laying out the key foundational pieces to your soul-led business in a way that feels good for you, and that you can continue to tweak and allow to evolve over time as you grow.

**I'm giving you my personal business master spreadsheet (a template) that I use to dump all my language/thoughts surrounding my core values, my message, notes on ideal clients, signature offers, etc.  This is a "take what resonates with you and leave the rest" type of tool for you!**

BONUSES: Additional audio trainings and interviews with guest experts to help you amplify the f*ck out of your message!

Client Feedback

"Brie showed up in my life exactly when I needed someone like her to show me the way. I was at the place where I just had started my online coaching business, but where the online space felt sooo overwhelming, scary, and the thought of putting myself out there, launching programs, and showing up terrified me so much!

I wanted to do all of that, but because of my fears and not having the belief in myself, I was busy procrastinating by finding the right strategies, and the right tactics to actually avoid the real work: sharing my message & service.

Brie showed me that I didn't need any of that, and she gave me exactly what I truly needed. I needed the mental, emotional & spiritual support and guidance to create a rock solid foundation of having a fierce belief, increased self-worth and a badass fearless attitude.

I cannot describe how grateful I am for Brie showing up in my life, and how deeply transformational this experience has been. During this program I have created, launched, promoted and sold my very first online program, and have overcome all of my fears and beliefs that were holding me back. I now feel so confident in showing up consistently online, and sharing my message, and selling my offers. I have up-levelled my self-worth tremendously and dare to ask the rates that I deserve. I was able to shift my entire focus from making it about me all the time through my own fears and limitations, to actually make it all about the ones that I'm here to help and to serve their highest good! Thank you Brie!"
Iris V
Starting this course I had a few visions of what I’d like to accomplish, with really no specifics or timelines.  During the course I realized that I’m called to be a life and spiritual coach, and two amazing coaching opportunities came my way.  I was able to narrow down my niche markets and what my programs will look like.  I truly don’t believe that these opportunities would have come my way without this course and the growth I had during it!
Paige L
"As I reflect back on my journey through Anchor + Amplify, I am aware of how every single detail has manifested in the exact ways they were supposed to for my own soul’s growth. I’m truly blown away.

This course brought forth growth in ways that I was not “expecting.” As a “control freak” in my past, I had my own visions and ideals for this course... but what I learned quickly was to let go of my rigid beliefs of how I expected things to play out, and just ALLOW the universal flow to take over.

I’ve learned to release perfectionism, release expectations, and choose to lean in to acceptance and surrender and TRUST. I’m embracing my journey more each day, and leaning into the unknown future with excitement.

I cannot say enough about this course, but mostly BRIE! Girl you have touched my soul and awakened something in me. I’m ever so grateful for our connection."
Christina N

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 12 files


MODULE 1: How To Go From Fearful To Fierce So You Can Launch Anything
Module 1: Overcoming Fear
(1h 27m 05s)
Anchor + Amplify Workbook 1
55.1 KB
MODULE 2: How To Be Your Brand, Show Up, and Connect Authentically Online
Module 2: Showing Up Authentically Online
(1h 10m 17s)
Anchor + Amplify Workbook 2
50.6 KB
MODULE 3: How To Serve At Your Highest Level, By Being Your Highest Self
Module 3: Serve And Be Your Highest Self
48 mins
Anchor + Amplify Workbook 3
57 KB
Most Important Day Future Self Visual Activation
15 mins
5.0 Meditation Activation
19 mins
MODULE 4: Mapping Out Your Soul-Led Business Plan
Your Soul-Led Business Bible
Clarifying Your Mission & Purpose
18 mins
Mastering Your Message + Method
30 mins
Social Media Roadmap Part 1
30 mins
Social Media Roadmap Part 2
20 mins
5 mins
5 Essential Entrepreneurial Shifts
23 mins
Guest Expert Interview: Danyele Wilson on Creating Consistent, Authentic Content Online
52 mins
Guest Expert Interview: Shannon Taruc On Creating A Brand Message
35 mins
Guest Expert Interview: Chris Jacob On Self-Expression and Being Multi-Passionate
36 mins
Guest Expert Interview: Sophie Nik on Self-Worth and Empowerment In Business
58 mins

Hey Love!

I'm Brie Pugh.  I'm a Spiritual Life Coach for womxn who are ready to get tuned in to their soul and turned on by their higher purpose.

Why? Because you're a powerful f*cking being, who is meant to live a magical f*cking life!

The world needs more feminine leaders sharing their voice, stories, gifts, magic, and medicine- there is a reason you are here on this planet right now! Claim it!

I offer online courses, workshops, group and 1:1 coaching to assist you on your path.