What Is Higher Harmony?

Higher Harmony is a 2-part intensive workshop designed to help you bust through your upper limits, embody your Higher-Self, and live and play in the quantum everyday!

I see you-

You’re entrepreneurial by nature, and you came here to do something BIG.  You don’t like to play by the rules and the idea of being average and living an ordinary life scares you.

You know that’s not your true path.  All you want is the freedom to design your life, serve a higher purpose, and have some fun while you’re at it.

You know how far you’ve come and how blessed you are for the life you have, but you still desire MORE.

You live to inspire and connect with people on a deep level.

Here's the thing though...

You can’t help but place limits on yourself about what you think you can have or who you get to be- own a house on the beach? Build an 8-figure business? Become a thought leader in your industry?? That would just be too much!! 

You feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels in your business, struggling to get into a flow, and not playing at the level you know you are capable of- you know there is a whole other level of badassery that’s lying dormant inside of you, and you are ready to unleash it!

You’re holding back on being your authentic self in your relationships and online, afraid the your bigness will trigger others or you’ll be judged - so instead, you stay small and deny yourself instead of owning your true essence.

You have a hard time feeling satisfied with what you have, and the thrill of new things and experiences is always fleeting.  You always think “If I can finally just have X, then I’ll be good!”…and yet the void is still there.

What's REALLY going on:

The biggest thing holding you back here is that you aren’t connected with your higher-self, so you are unable to receive clear and consistent guidance from your soul.

If you were, you’d be in full trust with your timing and free yourself from expectations.

You’d own who you are and you’d be unapologetically sharing your truth with the world.

You’d feel fulfilled because you’d be aligned with your higher purpose.

You’d experience synchronicities and miracles every single day.  The right people and opportunities would be showing up for you left and right. 

What you need is to align with who you truly are- and then embody it.

This is about harnessing the energy of the version of you that has already created the reality you so deeply desire, and becoming it right now so that you can bust through each new ceiling and quantum leap whenever you want. 

No more excuses, no more fear, no more apologies.

It’s time for you to activate your true power and allow yourself to live in OVERFLOW. 

Are you ready??

This is why I’ve created HIGHER HARMONY: The Empowerment Intensive to BE Your Highest-Self!

I’ve taken all the energy and embodiment work I’ve implemented in my own life and business + everything I teach my 1:1 clients and I putting it into this 2-part intensive!!

This work doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to take months or years to master!

Let’s activate what your soul already knows. It’s all there for you.

Who this is for:

  • The entrepreneur who is ready level-up once again and really own who they are and what they came here to do.

  • The dreamer who is sick of their own shitty excuses and wants to turn those dreams into a reality.

  • The visionary who knows that energy and embodiment work is the next piece they need to activate to amplify their creation process.

  • Someone who loves self-development and spiritual growth and is committed to doing the internal work.

What we'll be covering:

I will guide you through a simple 4-step process to help you to: 

  • Connect with your soul
  • Identify and own your soul’s desires
  • Remove your limiters
  • Integrate tools to raise your internal frequency
  • Align with your higher purpose
  • Attune to the energy of your higher self and embody it in your daily life
  • Learn how to drop into new timelines and design your reality

What you have the opportunity to create for yourself through this workshop:

You will literally come out the other side as an upgraded version of yourself- who you’ve really been all along!

YES- You get to have the soul-driven business, multiple 5-figure months, high-vibe relationships with people who celebrate your growth, freedom to travel, etc.

NO-  You don’t have to hustle on the hamster wheel from hell, there are no upper limits, you don’t have to feel guilty, and you definitely don’t have to earn your worthiness to get what you want from life!

Joy, peace of mind, confidence, abundance- this gets to be your natural state!!

You are meant to live in a constant state of overflow- the only thing keeping you from it is your current way of thinking and being!

It’s time to change that- and it gets to be as easy as flicking on an internal switch.  Higher Harmony will give you the activation techniques to make it happen.

Client Feedback

“Before working with Brie, I knew I was being held back by my own self-limiting beliefs and blocks from really taking risks and getting clear about what I wanted to create. Creatives tend to stay stuck in the vision phase, but Brie will help you make those dreams a tangible reality. Today, I’m more empowered than ever and have truly transcended the fear-based thinking that was compelling me to play small in various areas of life to relationships, money, career and creativity.” 
Chris J
“Brie gave me that push that I needed to just say YES to The Universe!  As soon as we started working together, I started seeing all these signs that were reassurance that I could do this.  And I know this sounds “woo-woo”, but it’s REAL!!! Brie not only gave me the confidence, but the assurance and the tools that I needed to be able to step into this new life (that I’m NOW living) powerfully.”
Danyele W
“Since working with Brie, I am aware of how every single detail has manifested in the exact ways they were supposed to for my own soul’s growth. I’m truly blown away. This brought forth growth in ways that I was not “expecting.” I’ve learned to release perfectionism, release expectations, and choose to lean in to acceptance and surrender and TRUST. I’m embracing my journey more each day, and leaning into the unknown future with excitement. Brie- you have touched my soul and awakened something in me!”
Christina N

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 6 files


PART 1: Choose + Elevate
Masterclass Part 1: Choose + Elevate
(1h 45m 31s)
Meet Your Soul Meditation
14 mins
Higher Self Activation #1
8 mins
Higher Harmony Workbook 1
50 KB
PART 2: Become + Drop-In
Masterclass Part 2: Become + Drop-In
(1h 38m 00s)
Future Self Meditation
15 mins
Higher Self Activation #2
6 mins
Higher Harmony Workbook 2
52.8 KB

Hey Love!

I'm Brie Pugh.  I'm a Spiritual Life Coach for womxn who are ready to get tuned in to their soul and turned on by their higher purpose.

Why? Because you're a powerful f*cking being, who is meant to live a magical f*cking life!

The world needs more feminine leaders sharing their voice, stories, gifts, magic, and medicine- there is a reason you are here on this planet right now! Claim it!

I offer online courses, workshops, group and 1:1 coaching to assist you on your path.