What Is Soul-Fueled?

Soul-Fueled is a 6-part course designed to help you connect with your soul and use it as your fuel and guide so that you can live in your purpose and design your life.

This is a mindset re-boot.
This is clarity and purpose map.
This is a manifestation manual.
This is a soul revitalization.

Soul-Fueled Is For You If You Are:

  •  Seeking more clarity on what you want in life.
  •  Yearning to live with more purpose, but don’t know where to start.
  •  Searching for a deeper connection with yourself and the Universe.
  •  Feeling stuck in fear or overwhelm and haven’t made much progress on your own.
  •  Sick of feeling blocked, staying small, holding back, or feeling out of alignment.
  •  Tired of telling yourself the same stories and repeating the same patterns that have gotten you nowhere.
  •  Ready to take action and manifest the life and business you desire.
  •  Ready to gain more trust in yourself, connect with your intuition, and get into flow with The Universe.

You Will Learn How To:

  •  Completely shift the trajectory of your life by shifting your internal state of being (your mindset and energy).
  •  Increase your level self-awareness and inner knowing.
  •  Become a manifestation magnet for new business opportunities, higher income, high-vibe relationships, etc.
  •  Develop a new kind of faith in your own power as a co-creator and ability to design your life on your own terms.

Through This Work, You Will Gain:

  • Total clarity on what you want to create and attract into your life and business.
  •  Alignment with your soul and energy to take the action to go after your desires.
  •  A re-wired mindset, free of your past limitations.
  •  An enhanced sense of joy, focus, confidence, certainty in self.
  •  Re-ignited passion and drive to create your life instead of just being along for the ride!

Course Overview

Module 1: Vision

  • Getting clarity on what you actually want in your life.
  • Creating a bigger vision that is driven by higher-purpose.
  • Awakening to the vision beyond the vision.
  • We cannot manifest what we are not clear on!

Module 2: Beliefs

  • Identifying the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you rooted in your smallness.
  • Learning how to transcend fears that are holding you back from exponential success.
  • Taking steps to re-program these false narratives into powerful, affirmative, new core beliefs.

Module 3: Truth

  • Determining what you stand for and value most in life.
  • Stepping more into your power by aligning your vision with your truth.

Module 4: Vibes

  • The importance of your vibration in manifestation.
  • Steps to radical self-acceptance and forgiveness.
  • Expanding your capacity to receive and becoming an energetic match for your desires.

Module 5: Alignment

  • Getting into full soul-alignment.
  • Acting as your future-self.
  • Becoming a channel for your higher purpose to flow through.

Module 6: Flow

  • Stepping into flow and understanding Universal Laws.
  • The art of being fully present.
  • Releasing attachment to outcomes and learning to surrender.

What's Included:

Each module contains a video training and a workbook with prompts and exercises to help you integrate the training and take action in your life.  Some modules also include guided meditations.

Client Feedback

“What Soul-Fueled gave me was a deeper connection to my inner voice- good, bad, and indifferent. When you start to recognize your inner voice, you can make the choice to promote and grow your thoughts, or shift those thoughts that don’t serve you.  Brie will help you dive deep into the shit that is holding you back, while encouraging you to break your goal down into incremental steps you can take to make your life more fulfilling immediately.  It’s not an overnight fix, it’s a mindset shift that allows you to be a better version of you every.damn.day”
Melanie B
“Soul-Fueled was an amazing stepping stone for me in my spiritual development journey.”
Oksana I
“‘I am endlessly powerful, capable and worthy of love’…Is not something I would have bought into about myself before taking the Soul-Fueled course.  Now? This is, unapologetically and unconditionally, my truth. Aha moment after aha moment, Brie has empowered me to FINALLY unshackle myself from the confines of the “story” I’ve been telling about myself— and TO myself.”
Sasha L
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Module 1: Vision
(1h 06m 26s)
Module 1: Visualization Meditation
15 mins
Module 1 Workbook: Vision
102 KB
Module 2: Beliefs
(1h 01m 25s)
Module 2: Clear Old Beliefs Meditation
10 mins
Module 2 Workbook: Beliefs
80.6 KB
Module 3: Truth
36 mins
Module 3 Workbook: Truth
62.5 KB
Module 4: Vibes
49 mins
Module 4: Healing Emotional Wounds Meditation
10 mins
Workbook 4: Vibes
82.3 KB
Module 5: Alignment
47 mins
Module 5: Soul Alignment Meditation
9 mins
Module 5 Workbook: Alignment
73.5 KB
Module 6: Flow
45 mins
Module 6: Getting in Flow Meditation
9 mins
Module 6 Workbook: Flow
58.4 KB
BONUS: Magnetic Manifesting Toolkit
STEP 1: Law of Attraction Fundamentals
9 mins
STEP 2: Magnetic Manifesting Journaling Process
266 KB
STEP 3: Magnetic Manifesting Meditation
11 mins

Hey Love!

I'm Brie Pugh.  I'm a Spiritual Life Coach for womxn who are ready to get tuned in to their soul and turned on by their higher purpose.

Why? Because you're a powerful f*cking being, who is meant to live a magical f*cking life!

The world needs more feminine leaders sharing their voice, stories, gifts, magic, and medicine- there is a reason you are here on this planet right now! Claim it!

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