The Awakened Entrepreneur Bundle by Brie Pugh

The Awakened Entrepreneur Bundle

What is The Awakened Entrepreneur?

A 3-program journey to help you go from stuck, disconnected, and yearning for purpose to tapped in, confident, and embodied leader sharing your soul's gifts with the world. Everything you need to remember your inner magic!

Why Is This The BEST Bundle Ever & Why Do You Need It?!?!

Simply, The Awakened Entrepreneur is a transmission of love from my soul to yours.

It is an outpouring of mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic guidance for the souls who came here to lead.

This bundle will help you to discover your specific role as a Light Leader on this planet, and how to turn it into your reality.

The Awakened Entrepreneur is in alignment for you if:

  • You desire to connect with your soul so that you can live a more heart-centered life, guided by your inner knowing.

  • You are feeling that call towards a higher purpose but don’t know where to start…but you can’t deny the pull any longer!

  • You are starting out on your spiritual journey and want to learn more about energy, manifestation, sharing your soul’s gifts, and embodying your Higher-Self.

  • You just launched your online business (personal brand/service-based) or you’re in the birthing stages, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and afraid to put yourself out there.

  • You’re ready to become more magnetic in your energy, open up the channel of communication with your higher-self, and make quantum leaps in your life and business.

This bundle is sequential and complimentary in its content:

>> SOUL-FUELED: Will help you to connect with your true self, get clear on your deepest desires, and allow yourself to be guided towards your greatest potential.

This is the program that will help you learn how to tune in and trust your inner guidance- a skill that will benefit you greatly on your journey.

This is the foundational work that will help you to go be/do/have whatever you are called towards. 

>> ANCHOR + AMPLIFY: Is the next natural step after connecting with your true self and realizing that you came here for a higher purpose. 

This program will help you to turn your vision into a business and launch your first offer.  You will receive all the strategic tools and mental/emotional empowerment to show up boldly and authentically, clear out all the fear and doubts, and be of high service. 

>> HIGHER HARMONY: Is like the the magical cosmic icing on the cake. This intensive workshop is all about elevating your energy field, embodying your future (higher) self, and creating your ideal reality in the quantum field.

This workshop will show you how to honor your biggest, scariest desires and quickly remove any limiters in your way so that you can drop into new timelines right now.

Who says you have to wait until you learn or achieve [insert silly goal here] in order to receive what you truly desire? In the quantum, it already exists, and it is done, and you can receive it now!

What I Know To Be True:

We all came here for a higher purpose- your soul has gifts to share, you were born to contribute!

Uncovering what that is for you begins with creating a deeper connection with yourself, understanding how energy works, and remembering your innate power as the co-creator (alongside The Universe/God/Source/The Divine) of your life.

Stepping into your purpose and being your highest self takes work, and it can feel pretty big and scary.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.

But once you feel the essence of your truest self and what you came here for, it becomes pretty difficult to deny yourself of it!

The portal has been opened, and there’s no going back!

It is safe for you to follow your inner guidance, even when it doesn’t make logical sense, even when you feel crazy.

I am here to support you, and these programs are here to help guide you and empower you to guide yourself.

If you were called to this page and this content resonates on a soul level, you are without a doubt a Light Leader, here to assist in bringing higher consciousness to the planet.  

What that role looks like is specific to you, and it’s up to you to discover it….but your soul already knows, and you’re always being guided. It’s time to trust yourself and ask for the next step!

I hope you enjoy this bundle, and I can’t wait to witness your rising!!! You were born for this! 


P.S- if you click on each of the individual courses included in this bundle below, you'll find the full sales page and breakdown of each course with all details of what you receive! 

What's included?

Anchor + Amplify

A four-part program focused on anchoring in your conscious business mindset & amplifying your soul's message online.

Higher Harmony

A two-part workshop intensive created to teach you how to live in the quantum and embody your Higher-Self everyday.


A six-part course to help you to connect with your soul's guidance and align with your higher purpose.

Insane Value!

May I just add that this bundle is valued at $3000... the culmination of years of study and integration in my own life, everything I've taught my 1:1 clients, and dozens of hours of creation...and I'm giving it to you for $555!

Because I know how transformational this content is and how many souls will benefit from it! I love you! xx


Working with Brie is simply life changing and priceless. When I started working with her, I was ready to radically change my life, but I seemed to keep going in circles and couldn't pinpoint why all of my efforts weren't bringing any real positive change. Later I realized that I was completely lacking the mindset and spiritual tools which were a necessary prerequisite for actualizing and sustaining the enormous shifts that I had in mind.

I just felt stuck, disconnected, depressed and immensely frustrated by the contrast between my brightest dreams and my actual life, work and love situations. 

I turned to Brie for help, recognizing in her the powerful awareness, qualities and abilities I was seeking to develop and externalize in myself but was not able to fully activate yet.

Brie helped me completely redesign my beliefs system, where most of my main blockages originated from. She held space for me each step of the way and was there to get me right back on track every single time I'd slip back into an old negative pattern. 

In the few months that we worked together my mindset shifted dramatically and so did my emotions, my energy levels and my results. I literally blossomed into a brand new woman.

With Brie’s support I managed to go through a difficult divorce, return to prioritize my passions and purpose in life and also start my own freelance consulting business, which today enables me to to live and travel the world in absolute freedom. Most importantly, Brie helped me rediscover my way to energetic alignment and get back on my spiritual path which I'd temporarily lost sight of. The joy I receive from living everyday as the highest possible version of myself, able to incessantly unfold more and more of my potential is truly just what makes life worth living.

Today I feel happy and powerful, fully equipped to navigate the highs and the lows of this incredible journey that is bringing the life of my dreams into existence.
Thank you Brie!
Laura F
I was really struggling with my messaging. I felt called to totally change direction in who I serve as a Mindset coach, energy healer and medium.  I’d been stuck in a rut for LITERALLY 3 months about what to do in my business because I was pushing against where I was being guided to go.  I can be stubborn at times 😉

As I have been evolving so has my ideal client. 

I was doing my best to do everything I could to avoid changing direction because it meant after all the work I’d done that I’d need to go through that all again and it felt so hard. I had so much resistance to it. I had so much resistance to speaking my truth about what I could really offer. Speaking up about spirituality has been a challenging for me. 

I couldn’t actually even see clearly who I was meant to Work with.

We had a chat and Brie could see everything I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) but her faith in me gave me the confidence to explore this further. 

Brie sent me off with some prep to do before our session and so I did it all. 

After my session with Brie, I am now SUPER clear about where I’m going with my business. 

Her coaching gave me so much more clarity, but not only clarity. Brie gave me the strategy of HOW I could make this happen and it feels so aligned. 

She challenged old paradigms which really helped me dig deep. 

I’m so excited about what I’m creating and so happy that I have this beauty by my side while I’m creating it. 
Christine A
I reached out to Brie because I was working a 9-5 job that was NOT my passion, feeling like I was wasting my days sitting behind a desk.  I had my passion project on the side, which was building my personal fitness brand, training personal clients, and teaching group classes ALL on the side.  

When I first started working with Brie, I told her I wanted to out of my 9-5 job within three months and to take the leap into working for myself.  Brie not only gave me the confidence, but the assurance and the tools that I needed to be able to step into this new life (that I’m NOW living) powerfully.

Brie gave me that push that I needed to just say YES to The Universe!  As soon as we started working together, I started seeing all these signs that were reassurance that I could do this.  And I know this sounds “woo-woo”, but it’s REAL!!!  We got super super specific on what it is that I wanted, and we mapped out a plan of what could get me there.  And well, Brie just sort of punted me off the bridge!! She just gave me that PUSH that I needed.

And now- I am living my DREAM LIFE.  I run my own business and I work for myself FULL TIME, and I did it all in 3 months like I intended.  I get to train people everyday, I get to inspire people everyday through my platform, I get to put my heart and soul and all my energy into it.  And I think it’s not only made my body, mind, and soul stronger, but my content is stronger!
Danyele w
I found Brie during a very tumultuous time in my life. Her energy, wisdom and truth is what resonated with me. She has helped me stand in my own power and slowly move forward to finally creating the life I truly desire for myself. She really is also a great cheerleader - but even more than that, the value that she provides and the wisdom she imparts after each call leaves me  with “aha” and a “fuck yes” clarity. I love this chick like I love cake! 
Sarah M
Seeing Brie’s work online made it very clear that she truly understood how to connect with someone like me - a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur that is on both a personal and professional level, deeply invested in personal well-being and positive intentions.

Even in the first month of working together, Brie really began helping me shift my mindset by identifying new streams of revenue for me and creating a plan to help me organize my goals. She’s fantastic at not only listening and providing very easy next steps to success, but also helping you work through personal blocks from going after your goals all-in.

Throughout my coaching program, what I was truly surprised was how much confidence and perspective and fearlessness I gained, not just month to month but from week to week. I could feel the difference and was able to directly apply the learning and new insights to my daily experience.

I highly recommend Brie for any budding business person, creative or dreamer who is looking to refine their vision and get clear about their creative and professional endeavors. Creatives tend to stay stuck in the vision phase, but Brie will help you make those dreams a tangible reality. 

Shortly after working with her, I signed my dream client for my social media marketing business and started to make invaluable headway on an entertainment project I had received investment for.

Today, I’m more empowered than ever and have truly transcended the fear-based thinking that was compelling me to play small in various areas of life to relationships, money, career and creativity. If you’re ready to take a jump in the deep end and never look back, you’re in no better hands than with Brie as your coach!!
Chris J

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